Should I Build a Swimming Pool in the Winter?


I have been asked many times about building a swimming pool in the winter. The first question is always “How much can I save?” Let’s take a quick look at building your pool in the winter.

As an “owner-builder”, a homeowner who is going to sub-contract the construction, you are already saving a lot of money by cutting out the middle man. This being said, you are paying the sub-contractors directly and therefore you can negotiate with them directly. A great advantage to building your own pool no matter what season!

During the winter months the swimming pool business slows down and sub-contractors will negotiate to make sure they get your business. There may be 5% to 10% negotiating room depending on how low the price was to start with. Cash is a great incentive for many sub-contractors. Remember the old adage…

When the summer months hit, business picks up and there is usually less negotiating room. It is a gamble if you are thinking about waiting for the winter months to build and save some money. Many times there can be drastic changes in fuel or materials cost from season to season. Sub-contractors have no control over the cost changes. I have seen this strategy work both for and against home owners.

If you are in the northern states and experience freezing winters, you should check with your concrete and shotcrete sub-contractors to see if there are winter-time limitations. If you live in the southern states, you should be able to build your pool throughout the winter.

Every year the swimming pool industry experiences a surge of business in the summer time. The surge is made up of people who want a pool (yesterday) because the temperatures climbed into the 90’s and above. Even if you don’t build in the winter, you should plan your swimming pool early and try to start building in the spring to avoid the rush! Check out how DIY Pool Plans can get you ready to build!